How Solar Works For Your Business


Solar is Simple!

And easier to install than ever before. 

Sunlight is a simple yet powerful source of energy that's reliable and renewable.

In fact, did you know that in approximately just 40 minutes, the sun transfers enough energy to the earth to potentially generate power for the world population for an entire year?

Solar Electric Systems
An electric solar system has just a few components: photovoltaic (PV) panels which collect the sun and an inverter, or power unit. Your solar system is connected to the local utility grid, which stores the solar power you generate.

During the day, the PV panels capture the sunlight and the inverter converts it to usable electricity. Any energy you produce but don't use goes back to the utility grid. At night, or when the sun isn't shining, the utility grid supplies your electricity. Learn more.

Solar Thermal Systems
Heating water is just as easy. A solar collector plate is positioned to face the sun, where it catches and absorbs the sun's heat. A fluid (water or glycol) flows through the piping within the collector. Behind the insulated plate is an air gap, which allows excess heat to be released, preventing stagnation and overheating. As heat is collected, it's transferred to your water tank through a heat exchange process.
Learn more.

Our solar installation experts can help you properly size your solar system to cover your usage, so you can reduce or even eliminate your utility bill. And depending on where you live, the utility company may be required to credit you for the amount of electricity your system contributes to the grid at the retail value of the electricity at the time it was generated.


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